Our App is not a game nor is it a professional design software. We see it as more of an instrument to generate some excitement for aspiring home designers of any calibre. It was developed by designers with the main purpose of promoting the profession of home design by engaging users and allowing then to develop a passion for the profession. It allows the user to submit their designs for the potential to earn money through sales of their plan or contest and competitions. It does so by encouraging and challenging the user to learn as much as possible about home design as they use the app.

There are two ways for users to earn money. The first is in affiliation with our professional residential design practice through sales of their designs on our home plan website. The second is through contest and competitions launch via this website.

Below is a description of the three types of submissions available to users of the app


We suspect this will the most popular submission type. As a user of the Home Design Apprentice App you are given the opportunity to submit any of your designs created on our App to our design team. If your design meets our quality standards from a design and functionality perspective, it will be accepted and be further developed into a professional design drawing including professionally rendered floor plan and perspective. It will then be offered for sale on our affiliated house plan website. If your design is purchased online, our technical team will prepare the necessary construction drawings based on the clients location and ship them to the client. With this option the user will awarded 10 % of all profits from present and future sales of this plan.


This submission option is geared for more advanced users with training or studies in architectural design or rendering and knowledge of more sophisticated design software such as Autodesk or similar products. Ideal for students, this submission option allows users to submit designs via our app and if selected by our design team the further opportunity to submit professionally rendered floor plans and 3D renderings they create themselves with third party software. The construction drawings and documentation will still be prepared by our technical team based on client requirements. With this option the user will be awarded 25% of all profits generated from the sale of the plans



This option is for expert and established home designers and architectural practices who wish to showcase and sell their plans via our website. Purchase of the app is still required as a registration fee. With this option the user is responsible for the production of all preliminary drawings and construction documentation and assumes all liability for the design. The user can offer these plans for specific locations only based on their qualifications and knowledge base or worldwide. We host the plans and ship them to the customer on the user's behalf. With this option the user can set their own fees for the plans and we retain a 10% commission from all sales. Note that the preliminary drawings for this option must meat our quality standards and all designs must still be approved. A vetting process is also required to establish legitimacy of each designer.


Home Design Apprentice will also feature contest and competions. Contest may be as simple as best plan of the week as selected by our editor's or more elaborate and involve more formal selection process including member voting contest. Competitions will be more detailed and will include more formal instructions including site specific parameters. Although we have budgeted some funds for contest and competitions, prizes will be based on the success of the app.   

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